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Curly Cut Q & A


Before making an appointment-


Please text (2) recent photos of your curls to: 


  *this is for pricing and timing purposes


 Please Venmo your $100 deposit of the *$180 first-time appointment to @CURLYONQ / Kara Smith before booking.  Find your desired time, then Venmo, then book. In that order, pretty please. 

OK, you're all set!


Please arrive with your hair: 




*FREE OF STYLING AIDS such as creams and gels UNLESS it's water-based product: DEVA, INNERSENSE ORGANICS, HAIRSTORY or CULT AND KING.  

*Please detox your hair before your appointment by using Deva, Innersense or Hairstory 10-30 days before your appointment.  I will offer your one-time discount as soon as your are booked up until 2 weeks after I see you. 


Here is an overview of my general thought-process on pricing...

If you have very fine hair and it's short, with less than 10 minutes dry-time, my prices will be less for the first time (approximately $125-150).  I will adjust this at the appointment.

If you have shoulder length hair (stretched) the price will be between $180-250. This range covers density, dry time. If ther is Buildup I will charge for detoxing.

If your hair is to your bra strap stretched at the point in the middle of your back, then your price will also be between $180-$250 depending on tangles, density, dry time and detoxing necessary.  

I'll always be fair and up-front with you regarding pricing.

First-time appointments are always longer because of:

the caring consultation, which can make or break the cut, professional product overview and recommendations tailored to your specific curl and lifestyle needs, as well as the detoxing, dry time and checking the cut after its all dry and set free/expanded.  I spend a lot of time on the first appointment making sure it's right and that you're happy.   

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